Did You Forget Who You Are?

Isn’t it funny how we choose to struggle to find answers? How we choose to fight against the obvious? Everyone loves a mystery, right? Our movies, books, and news are all filled with mysteries that keep the mind occupied. It’s like we’re all saying “Isn’t it fun to not know?”

I mean, who do we pay more than almost anyone else in our society? Actors. Let’s pretend! Our best pretenders. Everyone loves a surprise right?

But why is that? Because we all want to deny why we are here and who we are?

If we never allow or accept anyone who has the nerve to say “This is how it is” then everyone can go on pretending, right? Better yet if we create separation through labeling ourselves as American or Russian or Christian or poor or white or tall or short or happy or sad or you name it, then we can even further continue the mystery. So many walls to bring down. So many groups to join or dismantle. If only I could remember what I was doing before this distraction…but hey maybe we can see how that war works out. Let’s get some coffee!¬†Did you play the new Grand Theft Auto? How about that ball game last night? I’m real angry about that and if I surrender to that anger I can further divide and separate taking my mind further from what is. And for what?

How would I know? I’m asking questions just like you.

Maybe one day we’ll all decide to stop acting confused and remember we already have the answers we seek. Every time one of us wakes up to how it is, the world gets one step closer to truly surrendering to self love. At least that’s what I like to think when I can remember.

**** After posting this and reading it again my first thought was “Looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays!” lol. Hopefully you’ll be able to see through some of the cynicism and find the message behind what I’m saying.


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