Resting In God

Resting In God

“When we are mystics, we are freed from a performance orientation. We do not cease acting (loving God and neighbor), but we no longer get our sense of worth from what we do. This is what John Michael Talbot means when he sings, “God alone is enough.” The mystics call this “resting in God.” We are not what we do; we do what we are. We no longer have to achieve, succeed, and impress. The essence is now “I am” not “I do.” We call it “resting,” because we do not have to weary ourselves trying to keep our images inflated. We can now be our true self–the person God has made us to be. We call it “resting,” because this is a great relief.” ~ Oboedire

God made us in his image. Who are we trying to impress with all of our posturing and pretending? Sounds like something the Ego would love. I am, that I am.


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