Discover Your One True Self

Discover Your One True Self

“Our True Self is surely the “treasure hidden in the field” that Jesus speaks of. It is your own chunk of the immortal diamond. He says that we should be “happily willing to sell everything to buy that field” (Matthew 13:44)—or that diamond mine! Could any one thing be so valuable that we would sell everything for it? In all the Gospels, Jesus is quoted as saying, “What will it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul?” (Matthew 16:26), and the context invariably implies he is talking about something happening in this world. If you find the treasure hidden in your own field, then everything else comes along with it. It is indeed the “pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:46), to continue our precious gem metaphor.

The early Christian writers tell us that this discovery of our True Self is also at the same time a discovery of God. The two encounters, with a True God and a True Self, are largely experienced simultaneously and grow in parallel fashion.” ~ Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self.


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