Thankful Heart

When we see the world as a friend, we see our true self.

Dedicate today and every day to gratitude. Practice seeing through the illusions and giving thanks for the love that is always flowing through you. Recognize that we are ALL on the same path in different physical forms. Reach out to your brothers and sisters, without condition, as you would want them to reach out to you. Remember the Golden Rule? Turns out It’s golden for a reason.

But how can we be a friend to others if we aren’t a friend to ourselves first? All these internal “struggles” we reflect upon. The search for reason. Live what you know to be true. If you’re waiting for all the answers you’re probably in for a long wait. Perhaps you’re here to work on patience? 😉

All the pulling back layers of our psyche. Exposing our fears to the light of day. Explore the mystery but don’t let it define you. Why God / Universe / Source? Why do I feel this way? Why can’t I just be? Can’t I just live my life and be love no matter what? Of course we can. Let love guide you.

Take your own hand and lift yourself up. Say “hello” to yourself for the first time without judgement. Good to meet you friend! I know we haven’t gotten along so well in the past but the past is over. I had some different ideas about friendship before but I’ve seen through those illusions. How’s about we laugh it off and enjoy this life as friends?

Can you imagine how that conversation would feel? Start with that feeling and let it flow. I believe you can be love no matter what. Thank you friend!


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