Say Yes To Your Life

Are you saying YES to your life with your thoughts? The Universe only works one way. Your thoughts send out a vibration and that energy returns to you based on what you were thinking. Pretty important if you are wanting to enjoy your life. Although we do have free will and so if you enjoy feeling bad, the Universe will gladly accommodate you in that direction as well.

Oh and there are no time outs while you place your thoughts on feeling lack. I can vouch for that little misnomer. This energy exchange is always happening so a conscious awareness of where you place your focus is key in saying YES to the life you want to lead.

So the next time you find yourself getting angry about something or feeling less than someone you are interacting with take a look at the thoughts that lead you to that feeling. Remember it’s just a thought not the truth. You’ve heard it a thousand times but here it is one more time. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Some of us have life long patterns of negative thinking. Sounds like a lot of work to change doesn’t it? Only if you think it will be. Just be conscious of your thoughts. I know in my case, I often find myself saying NO to the most basic things based on life long fearful patterns. Recognizing where this happens in your life is where you start changing things. Take an extra moment to think and be conscious of what you are doing and saying. Give yourself the breathing space to put your focus on what you really want instead of the default illusions that used to guide you. Take the leap. Say YES to your life and enjoy the ride!



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