Personal Vision

What limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself? When I was a little boy I had an accident. I had been outside playing soccer and came inside to cool off and use a new portable fan we had bought. A twist tie was wrapped around the cord and I couldn’t get it off. I snuck a pair of scissors into my bedroom to cut the twist tie and in the process of cutting I broke through the tie and brought those scissors up to my right eye where the blade scraped my cornea.

It didn’t hurt. There was no blood that I remember. Just the thought that I had harmed myself and I would never be able to see through that eye again like everyone else. I had several eye surgeries before I left elementary school and had to wear glasses and an eye patch up until 5th grade. The accident also caused me to have double vision which I still have to this day. I remember that life changing day like a dream I never work up from.

As I’ve grown older and started working on my issues I have begun to awaken from the dream and the effects have been astounding. One effect of this awakening is that I no longer need to wear glasses. My girlfriend, who also had bad vision at one point in her life and stopped wearing her glasses, planted the seed in my mind that I might not need my glasses anymore and through the simple power of belief and patience it turned out to be true. (long sentence!)

I just grew up thinking that I couldn’t see. I was told I didn’t have good vision. The many surgeries I had just reinforced that there was something “wrong” with me. This is what I believed about myself. I don’t say this to point a finger or to try to come across as a victim because I am not doing either. It’s just the way it played out and now I know better.

So what is my point? My point is that I believe you are what you believe. I didn’t believe that I could see without my glasses even after I started to wake up. I wouldn’t even entertain the thought. Then I took them off and went a day without them. Kinda scary at first. Just stayed home and didn’t do anything too vision extensive. But I started to notice a feeling. I started to notice my eyes relaxing. I became aware that I could see with perfect clarity now and again depending on where my mind was focused. Was I being negative and fearful or was I facing that fear and pushing through? 1 day turned into 2 then a whole week and now it’s been so long I don’t even remember how many years it’s been since I wore those glasses.

So why this post today? Because I came upon this video from Ralph Waters this morning and it, of course, hit upon so many of the things I had dealt with myself concerning personal vision. Turns out that “personal vision” might not just be a metaphor!

So I ask again, what limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Could I see without my glasses? Do I have the patience to try and the faith to believe it might be possible? The next time you go to look at something and find yourself squinting, step back and notice your whole body. Is your mind and body relaxed or are you feeling tight? How’s your breathing? How are you holding your back or your stomach? Are they tight? Try taking a deep relaxing breath and see if that makes a difference. Notice what your body does throughout the day when you are reading something on the computer. Does the topic make a difference? Look for patterns that cause you to tighten up. You might be surprised what you find.

I’m not claiming this will work for everyone because who am I to make such a declaration. Does it hurt to try? I don’t think so. I will say though that without a doubt I am the one who held the key to my limiting beliefs and always did.

Much love! 🙂


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  1. I think it is wonderful that you are sharing this message. I believe in the power of self-healing through belief and pushing through mental barriers. I wrote a post about mental limitations recently and how powerful they can be! I’d like to recommend a book to you and your girlfriend if you haven’t already come across it: The Art of Seeing by Aldous Huxley. He describes techniques he used to heal his own vision. It is a powerful and technical piece of writing and for *some* reason it is difficult to find. It’s odd how books with a truly empowering message become “rare” books isn’t it?

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