Stand Up And Be Your Own Hero

We are all own heroes and we are all our own villains. To know this is to take responsibility for our own feelings instead of blaming something or someone outside ourselves or waiting on an outside force to change how we feel.

This video is such a great representation of how many of us walk around in the world. It is an almost 4 minutes clip of a downed scooter with a snake hiding underneath it. There are many capable people standing around scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get that snake away from the motor bike or waiting on someone else to take action. At the 2:50 mark, a man shows up and with all the confidence in the world takes care of the situation. It’s pretty funny because any one of the guys standing around could have done the same thing at any point.

Let’s stop waiting on someone else to fix us. Let’s stop blaming other people for our own inaction.

Do you want to feel good or do you want to feel bad? You have the power to make either one a reality. The choice is yours. Be your own hero.



  1. Synchronicity strikes again! You read my post and said it was what you needed. I clicked on your post and as it turns out it was what I needed too! I know this because I have a habit of writing myself notes and randomly placing them in my daily calendar at work. Today the post-it note said, “Do I have a hero complex?” I saw it this morning and I wondered why I wrote it (I can’t remember haha!). It seems that your post and the post-it are somehow connected. Your message has really hit home for me. I will be my own hero, because ultimately the world needs more heroes right now. ❤
    Love and Light to you.


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