This Dad Is Your Dad. This Dad Is My Dad.

This video is such a great example of how backwards we can look at life sometimes. My initial split second programmed reaction to the video’s title ” Embarrassing Dad at Electronic Festival” was “Yep, that sure is hilarious and embarrassing.” But really why? This Dad is awesome.

Let’s take a closer look and question our programming. What’s so embarrassing? Is it Dad’s dance moves? Is it Dad’s clothes? Is it the fanny pack? All the Dad in this video is doing is opening himself up to feeling the music and moving like he wants to move without self conscious regard. That’s it. His son isn’t even paying attention to him so who’s really embarrassed in this video? Clearly the person who shot this video!

This Father’s Day remember this Dad and let’s break the bonds of societies expectations for Dad. Love your Father all day, every day. Buy him a fanny pack. Take him to a music festival. Or just sit down next to him and let him get his dance on. This Dad is your Dad. This Dad is my Dad. Thank you Dad for being so awesome.

Happy Father’s Day.


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