Month: June 2013

The Ball Is In Your Court

One Texas teen set the example of sportsmanship by unselfishly surrendering the basketball to a developmentally disabled member of the opposing team so he could score a point during a game.


Life Is Better With You

Beautiful music from the PS22 Chorus with guest Michael Franti singing “Life Is Better With You.” Take a listen and remember this song today if your Ego starts to beg for attention and you start to feel separate. We are all gifts to each other so be thankful for every person that you love, every person that you meet, even strangers on the street. Life is better with all of us.

Mirror Of Life

Mirror Of Life

James Blanchard Cisneros book “You Have Chosen to Remember” is having a great impact on my life. Here are some thoughts from the author in his daily Facebook page posts. I hope you find something here that speaks to you.

“Our brother and sister’s gift to us is this: they will mirror our internal mental state in an external format for us to view and review. By doing so, we will more easily be able to see what separates us from the state of peace. They are showing us, through what we think we see in them, which of the ego’s illusions we are internally still supporting as real. Many times it is only by externalizing our illusions that we are able to truly work on our issues, see them for what they are, and find peace. Today whenever we are experiencing any type of “negative” reaction towards our brothers and sisters, let us remember that we are simply projecting onto them our own unconscious deficiencies, our own lack of self-worth, our own secret desires to awaken by shining a light into the dark crevasses of our minds. And so today let us show gratitude, compassion, and respect by acknowledging our brothers and sisters for their participation in our awakening process.”

James Blanchard Cisneros
“You Have Chosen to Remember”

The Universe Is Laughing With You

Did this video of people on a subway laughing for no particular reason make you laugh? We all know that laughter is the best medicine yet sometimes we resist. Notice how some people can’t help but join in the laughter, as if they are starting to understand the great cosmic joke unfolding all around them, while others are still looking around for answers, seemingly afraid or unable to even smile without a reason. Does your cultural conditioning or personal programming stop you from feeling the joy of a good laugh? Just delete that old programming and start laughing at life right now. The Universe is already laughing with you. 🙂

This Dad Is Your Dad. This Dad Is My Dad.

This video is such a great example of how backwards we can look at life sometimes. My initial split second programmed reaction to the video’s title ” Embarrassing Dad at Electronic Festival” was “Yep, that sure is hilarious and embarrassing.” But really why? This Dad is awesome.

Let’s take a closer look and question our programming. What’s so embarrassing? Is it Dad’s dance moves? Is it Dad’s clothes? Is it the fanny pack? All the Dad in this video is doing is opening himself up to feeling the music and moving like he wants to move without self conscious regard. That’s it. His son isn’t even paying attention to him so who’s really embarrassed in this video? Clearly the person who shot this video!

This Father’s Day remember this Dad and let’s break the bonds of societies expectations for Dad. Love your Father all day, every day. Buy him a fanny pack. Take him to a music festival. Or just sit down next to him and let him get his dance on. This Dad is your Dad. This Dad is my Dad. Thank you Dad for being so awesome.

Happy Father’s Day.

Let It Be In Turkey

What better place to let music do it’s healing magic than right now in Turkey? Check out this on the ground video from Taksim Square of pianist Protester Davide Martello playing “Imagine” and “Let It Be” to entertain a nighttime crowd in Instanbul. Peace is already inside each and every one of us. We just have to have the courage to surrender to it. Let it be.